Example Itinerary

Please note that this itinerary can be customized based on specific requirements and preferences

Day 1

Arrival & Welcome

  • Guests arrive at Callicoon Hills and check in at the front desk. They are greeted with welcome drinks and snacks at Rise and Shine, our coffee and breakfast spot.


  • Start the day with a breakfast buffet and coffee/tea station.

Morning Meetings or Working Sessions

  • Guests head to the meeting space or designated coworking room, conveniently located at the front of The Boardhouse, for a productive work session.

Lunch Break

  • Select from an assortment of lunch options and utilize this time to have attendees relax outdoors.

Afternoon Team Building

  • Engage in team-building activities on the 23-acre grounds, such as a friendly game on the Pavilion patio, lawn games by the pond, or a group hike on our scenic trails.

Wellness Break

  • Wind down with a rejuvenating session on the yoga deck, where a professional instructor leads a calming yoga class to restore energy and focus, or utilize our oasis by the river for a meditation session.

Evening Socializing

  • Gather on the Terrace for a casual networking event or cocktail hour prior to a dinner in our Farmhouse Room or Haypress Barn. Enjoy refreshments and mingle with colleagues while taking in the serene surroundings.


Day 2

Morning Work Session

  • Begin the day with a productive work session in the WFH Room or the Farmhouse Room, making use of the quiet and well-equipped space.

Breakfast & Brainstorming

  • Enjoy a light breakfast at Rise and Shine or a breakfast buffet in Conover Club, followed by a collaborative brainstorming session in the Farmhouse Room or Barn.

Lunch Break

  • Connect over a satisfying meal with a working lunch or have attendees dine outdoors in the open spaces.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

  • Utilize the multiple spaces available on-site, such as the Barn or Terrace, for breakout sessions or focused group discussions.

Team Building Activity

  • Engage in a team-building activity led by experienced facilitators, tailored to enhance communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

Evening Relaxation

  • Unwind by the poolside or gather around the fire pits on the Terrace for a cozy evening of relaxation and socializing.

Callicoon Hills Arial

Day 3

Morning Work Session

  • Return to The Boarding house for a productive morning meeting, taking advantage of the serene environment.

Mid-Morning Break

  • Take a refreshing break and rejuvenate with a quick dip in the pool or a leisurely stroll around the 23-acre grounds.

Lunch & Reflection

  • Enjoy a farewell lunch, where colleagues can reflect on their productive retreat and discuss key takeaways.

Afternoon Free Time

  • Guests have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area, participate in optional outdoor activities, or simply relax and recharge at their leisure.


  • Bid farewell to Callicoon Hills with memories of a successful and rejuvenating retreat, ready to take on new challenges with renewed energy and focus. Please note that this itinerary can be customized based on specific requirements and preferences.

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